LAN (power line) vs Wifi internet speed comparison

Does combing LAN and Wifi make computer faster? Here's a test

Was wondering how to make internet faster at my PC at home

Previous conditions

  • NBN modem to Wifi Router
  • Wifi Router connects to power line adaptor and transmit LAN to my PC
  • LAN via power line adaptor

This gave me 49 ping and around 10 Mbps

So I took out the ethernet cable and converted to

  • Internal TP-Link Wifi

Interestingly enough it gave me faster upload speed at 18 Mbps and 7 ping. I need to mention, my room is 2 walls away from the router source. At this stage, I'm thinking, what is the point of using power line adaptor when Wifi is much faster and lower ping. But I guess, it would be a consistency dropout question.

Now, I decided to combine both power line and Wifi to see if there are any differences. To my surprise, there is a difference! Faster download at around 53 Mbps and faster upload at 18 Mbps, while the ping remains low. Perhaps the computer somehow combine both network to improve speed? Very interesting indeed.

-------------------- IMPORTANT UPDATE ------------------------------------------------

Now I see what is going on. My powerline adaptor is actually faulty!!!! Hence the slow speed. So, I've changed to a more recent TP-Link TL-PA9020P and the speed had greatly improved. Both with powerline alone or Wifi + powerline had the same internet speed. Interestingly this is similar to the previous speed on the higher end. Maybe the previous powerline adaptor was partially working.