.com.apple.DiskManagement.dis enter error 0 on external hard drive

A customer at Chatswood came in for computer repairs, and could not get the external hard drive to read. Tried going to disk utility and mounting it, but kept showing the error "com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 0". The external hard drive is actually working and reads on Windows based system.

This became very troublesome as they cannot read their data and it is a very stupid situation. I did a few research around and found some methods to fix this problem. Got to combine a few things and the solution is to run a command in terminal. Can automate this by running a script. Combination of 2 sources, terminal TextEditor and the kill command.

  1. Create a script in TextEditor

    sudo pkill -f fsck

  2. Save it as


  3. Allow your script to run in Terminal

    chmod u+x (path)

Next time if the external hard drive is not reading, then just click on the script to run and it will automatically load the hard drive as it kills off the stupid fcsk function

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